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Stunning Holiday Hairstyles That You Can Try This Holiday Season

Complete your Christmas look with gorgeous holiday hairstyles. The holiday season is the perfect time to level up your hairstyle and look a little more polished and put-together. Whether you’re donning an ugly Christmas sweater for a funny family photo or rocking a sparkly dress for a fancy holiday party, these new and easy ways to wear your hair will definitely make you stand out even more.

Want to learn some new festive hairstyle ideas you can do all on your own? Express your excitement for the holidays with a pretty hair accessory, try a couple of new updos or twists perfect for party season, or meet the new year with some curls and waves or pin-straight hair for a change. And, even if you’re a simple ponytail type of girl, there’s always a way to elevate your look – read on.

Holiday Hair Care Tips

Before attempting a new hairstyle idea or two this season, it’s smart to make sure your hair is in its best condition. Clean, healthy hair is always the best canvas for a new holiday hairstyle. Since hair health is also dependent on your environment, your hair may react to changes in the weather – whether you’re in the throes of winter, or vacationing in a sunny locale. Here are some tips:

  • On a beach trip? Switch to hydrating or moisturizing hair care products to combat any negative effects of sun and salt water on your hair lengths.
  • Extreme cold or heat can make your hair brittle and scalp dry. Squeeze in some moisturizing oil treatments, and amp up protection with a chic turban or hat.
  • Skip heat styling if you can to further protect against damage.1

holiday hairstyles | KintsugiThe best part about that last bit? You don’t have to worry about your hair looking unkempt or undone. A lot of holiday hairstyle ideas (like a cool new braid or sleek ponytail) can help make any hair type fabulous at every holiday gathering.

Party-Ready Pearl Headband

What’s a princess without a tiara? A sparkly hair accessory is sure to steal the show. A pearl-encrusted or jeweled headband simply screams “holiday.” You can opt to wear hair sleek or wavy, pulled back or loose, and then finish off the look with a nice headband. Bonus: A sparkly headband can help keep errant strands and baby hairs in place. Keep it simple with a narrow, glittery band, or ride the oversized headband trend for maximum impact.2

Braids, Braids, Braids

The great thing about nailing the basic braid technique is realizing its versatility. Use this classic hairdo to your full advantage by trying any of these twists:

  • holiday hairstyles | KintsugiA looser, classy braid cascading over one shoulder (prep hair with mousse for great piecey texture);
  • A sporty braid down your back, with hair slicked back with gel for a neat and clean look;
  • A pair of pigtail braids – but done only halfway down before leaving ends wavy and voluminous for a more mature, festive take;
  • A braided crown made by pinning a braid across your head headband-style;
  • A cute double braid – split the hair of your low ponytail into two sections, then braid each section to the end;
  • An updated take on space buns – leave a bit of hair out of each bun before securing, then braid that bit and wrap it around the bun’s base, securing with a bobby pin.3

Of course, there’s always room for the classic French braid, too. Use this style to make a braided updo or braided twist. It’s slightly more work-intensive than the other ideas above, but it’s perfect for winter weddings, fancy dress parties, or more formal events.

Velvet Bow Sleek Ponytail

holiday hairstyles | Kintsugi

A chic high ponytail is a timeless hairstyle. Elevate it for the holidays with a dramatic velvet bow. Pull back clean, dry hair into a high ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band. Use a product with hold to keep baby hairs in place. For that subtly vintage, classic feel, flip up the ends of your hair with a round brush and hairspray for a little extra volume. Finish off the look with a velvet bow anchored to the base of your ponytail.

Not a fan of the ponytail? You can leave hair – whether blown out straight and shiny, or done up into natural beach waves – down and simply wrap the velvet ribbon around your crown to make a bow. Aside from velvet, other materials that feel and look festive include red plaid print, satin, or even tinsel.4

The Wet Look

Hair slicked back into a wet look adds a touch of sexy and sophisticated glam to your party look. There are lots of ways to wear this high-fashion hairdo without looking like you ran straight out of the shower. But first, it’s integral to nail the right “wet” texture before styling. Two methods to try:

  • holiday hairstyles | KintsugiWork a combination of gel and shine cream through already-wet hair to lock in the hold and luster, or;
  • Use a mix of pomade and hair wax on dry hair to smooth hair back.

Regardless of method, don’t be tempted to use mousse – this product tends to create that crunchy, dry texture you definitely want to avoid with this style. Secure your slicked-back hair behind your ears with bobby pins to hold it in place.

Here are some hairstyling options for that sleek wet look:

  • Classic slick back: Channel old-school rockers by combing fingers through hair and letting a bit of volume build up at the top of your crown. This is perfect for shorter ‘dos, like lobs or growing-out pixie cuts.
  • Deep side part: Create a side part and secure with jeweled barrettes for a little extra sparkle.
  • Clean center part: Part hair in the middle and comb fingers through either side to build up some texture and volume at the roots to avoid looking flat. Add some barrettes over each ear to hold the look.5

Beachy, Effortless Waves

You can work beach waves — even at the coziest of winter get-togethers. It’s a breezy style with just the right touch of glam. Plus, it’s a must-know technique that gives hair great volume and texture. It also creates a good base for other hairstyles – like a half-up, half down look, or a loose bun or updo.

holiday hairstyles | Kintsugi

To achieve this look, use a curling iron with a 1.5-inch barrel. Curl sections of hair loosely and in alternating directions to create a deconstructed, casual look. Don’t work the iron all the way down to the ends; stop a couple of inches short. Work some thickening spray or texturizing product through the curls, using your fingers to comb through and loosen your hair up a bit. To finish off, leave hair with a clean center part, or create a side part and secure it with bedazzled hair pins over the ear.6

Have Fun With Holiday Hairstyles

‘Tis the season to let your creativity shine through your crowning glory. It’s a great time to try new hair looks in keeping with the festive feel of the holidays. You can go elaborate with your holiday hairstyle to amp up your look — or simply add a jeweled headband or barrette to give you a little festive sparkle.

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