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Here Are Some Medium Length Hairstyles Ideas For An Amazing Look

Feeling bored with your hair? Why not switch it up? If you have medium-length hair, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of medium length hairstyles for you to try out. Whether you opt for a curly lob, subtle layers, or an entirely new hair color, there should be a look out there that excites you. We’ve rounded up several medium hairstyles to serve as inspiration for your next look. Happy experimenting!

Classic “Lob” (Long Bob)

Lobs, aka Long Bobs, have been one of the most popular medium length hairstyles for many years now. This shoulder-length haircut style is universally flattering and can be adapted to many different hair types and hair lengths.1

Textured Lob

Adding texture to your hair with layers can enhance natural waves and enhance the hair texture of naturally straight hair. This is a great hairstyle for women with thin or fine hair, as the long layers can add volume and movement that makes the hair look thicker. For a modern take on the textured lob, part your hair in the middle, and consider face-framing highlights.2

V-Shaped Long Bob

A V-cut is a heavily layered medium haircut where the layers are cut at a sharp angle in the back, forming a V shape. It’s a great choice for people with thick hair. V-shaped bobs give a ton of dimension and movement to hair without a lot of effort.3

medium length hairstyles | KintsugiCornrows

Cornrows, also called scalp braids, are braids that hug the scalp. You can use your natural hair for this or have your hairdresser add in extensions. Cornrows are generally low maintenance, easy to care for, and last about a month. For medium length hair, ask your hairdresser to add cornrows, and then continue braiding until they reach shoulder-length.4

Medium Length Haircut With Fringe Bangs

Straight bangs look right at home with shoulder-length hair. A haircut with bangs can work for both thick and fine hair – your hairstylist should know how to adapt bangs for your hair type. For an updated look, ask your stylist to blend the bangs into the front layer of your hair, and keep the layers long.5

Shag Haircut With Curly Bangs

Curly-haired gals can definitely rock bangs, too. Curly bangs have a certain ‘70s, rocker chic style that feels very of-the-moment. If you’re considering bangs, you may also want to switch your hair to a textured shag cut so the bangs blend in seamlessly with the layers.

When cutting curly bangs, your hair stylist will likely do a dry cut. (And if they don’t plan to, you can always ask). Curls have a way of shrinking up when they dry, and you don’t want to be left with accidental micro bangs.6

A-Line Haircut

medium length haircut | Kintsugi

An A-line haircut is a chop that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. This gives you a sleek, angled silhouette. A shoulder-length A-line bob is particularly flattering on gals with round faces, as it can add an elongating effect on the face. For an extra sleek, shiny look, wear your hair straight and work in some conditioning spray.7

Graduated Bob

A graduated bob is another type of cut that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. With this medium-length hairstyle, the back is cut into layers that gradually increase in length as they reach the front of the head.

This style is also known as an inverted bob or a stacked bob, because the layers are stacked in the back. Those layers give you lots of volume in the back. This can be a great cut if you want to make your hair look thicker.8

Blunt Cut

On the opposite end of the spectrum from feathery, fringey, layered, and shaggy medium-length hairstyles, there is the blunt cut. With blunt cuts, the hair is cut to the same length all around your head. This look can give you a healthy-looking, gorgeous, “just left the salon” look that lasts well after you’ve had it cut. Blunt ends can give your hair some heft and tons of volume due to the blocky ends.9

medium length hairstyles | KintsugiKinky Long Bob With A Side Part

If you have naturally kinky (aka tightly wound, curly) hair, this is a beautiful way to wear it. Let your hair dry naturally (don’t forget to add plenty of moisture), and style it in a deep side part. This adds an incredible amount of bounce and volume.10

Wavy Lob With Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a highlighting technique where the color is painted on by hand. The finished result gives a sun-kissed, multi-tonal look that can look more natural and less “stripey” than highlights. This coloring technique looks beautiful on mid-length hair with a loose curl or beachy waves.11

Long Disconnected Bob With Choppy Layers

This choppy mid-length haircut is a great option for thick, curly hair that can sometimes get frizzy or messy. With a disconnected cut, the stylist creates choppy layers and messy waves that are purposefully left unblended. The uneven ends are forgiving, because they aren’t meant to be perfect.12

medium length hairstyles | KintsugiFeathered Mid-Length Style

Feathered hairstyles rely on lots of layers cut at an angle to give hair a wispy, feathery quality (hence the name). The most iconic feathery look is the Farrah Fawcett ‘do. (Close your eyes, can you see that poster in your mind)? To modernize feathered layers, pair it with highlights, and go with a shoulder length hairstyle.

Try A Frohawk (or A Faux Hawk)

For naturally curly haired girls, the frohawk is an edgy look that looks runway-ready but is easy to recreate at home. To get this look, style the top of your hair as you normally would, and slick the sides of your hair back with a brush and styling product. Remember to keep your curls hydrated with a product like a conditioning spray.13

Shoulder Length Cut With Soft Waves

Perhaps one of the most enviable medium length hairstyles is a shoulder length haircut with a slight wave. Soft waves, or beachy waves, can look both sophisticated and effortless at the same time.

To get this look, try the straightener technique. Grab a small section of hair, and gently drape it into the flat iron in the shape of an “S.” Close the flat iron over the portions where the hair curves, and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat these steps over your entire head.14

Sleek, Slicked-Back Look

For a sleek look that makes a statement, straight haired gals may want to try a polished slicked-back look. To get this look, comb damp hair straight back, and then use a styling product to hold it in place.15

medium length hairstyles | KintsugiMedium Hairstyles With Side Swept Bangs

For a soft, romantic look, ask your stylist to part your hair to the side and cut long bangs that will sweep over your forehead. These bangs are meant to be pushed to one side, so they reach down below your eyes. When you sweep them to the side, they will frame your eye.

Medium Hairstyle With Flipped Ends

For a slightly retro look, try a flip hairstyle. For this one, ask your stylist to cut your hair to one uniform length. Go over your entire head with a straightener, and when you reach the end of your strands, flip them up ever so slightly. This can give a young, playful look that’s a ton of fun.

Can’t Decide? Ask Your Stylist

With so many options of shoulder-length hairstyles for women, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. If you’re torn between layered hair, heavy bangs, curtain bangs, invisible layers (and on and on), there’s one easy thing you can do: ask your stylist. A qualified hair stylist can study your face shape, coloring, and (let’s be real) the amount of work you’re willing to put into your hair, to make the right recommendation for you.



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