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Damaged Hair FAQ

What does damaged hair look like?

hair comparison | KintsugiAnswer: Damaged hair has a dry, brittle, and often straw-like appearance and feel. The ends are split, making hair appear thinner. It may also tangle more easily and be lackluster, frizzy, unruly, and difficult to style.1

How long does it take to fix damaged hair?

Answer: It depends on how damaged the hair is. If hair has just gotten a little dry, you may see results after a single nourishing protein treatment. For others, it may take several months of a gentle hair care routine. However, badly damaged hair is often unrepairable, and a hairstylist may advise snipping off as much of the damage as possible in order to get back on the path of healthy hair.2

Does damaged hair grow back healthy?

hair check | Kintsugi

Answer: Thankfully, hair will always grow out of your scalp healthy(especially if you are getting the right nutrients through diet), so you can get a fresh start. Though hair isn’t known for its growth speed so it may take some time. However, in the rare case that hair follicles have been damaged – as in traction alopecia – hair may not grow back in those areas.

Does cutting extremely damaged hair help it grow?

hair tips and tricks | Kintsugi

Answer: Trimming your hair helps it to stay healthy-looking because it removes damaged and split ends. This, in turn, helps hair to look thicker. But trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster at the scalp level.2

If hair is extremely damaged, it may serve you to cut it into a shorter hairstyle. This allows your hairstylist to remove as much of the damage as they can. It will also make your hair look immensely healthier.3

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