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How To Fix Hair Breakage On Top Of Head And What Causes That

If you’re sick and tired of pesky flyaway hairs ruining your good hair day, you’ll want to learn how to fix hair breakage on top of head. Broken hairs around your crown or hairline and frizzy hair not only undermine what should have been a sleek and polished hairdo, but could also indicate hair damage.

Restore your crowning glory, and rock all the hairstyles you want, by figuring out the root cause of your brittle hair. Read on to learn about the signs of hair breakage and tips and tricks to prevent future damage and maintain healthy hair growth.

Do You Have Broken Hair?

Here are some of the common signs of hair breakage around the top of your head.

  • Short single hairs or flyaways sticking straight up around your hairline or around your crown
  • Short, blunt strands along the hairline that seem choppy or broken off (compared to baby hair, that’s often thinner and a sign of regrowth)
  • Thin hair ends despite thick or lush hair at the crown or near the roots1

If you notice this in your own hair, it’s best to understand what causes it in the first place.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

how to fix hair breakage on top of head | Kintsugi

Why does hair become brittle, frizzy, and broken? Your styling choices and hair care routine (or lack thereof) are the likely culprit behind hair damage and breakage. These are the top contributors:

  • Chemical processes, like hair dyeing, perming, and straightening, are often harsh on the hair when used too much.
  • Heat styling may cause hair to dry out and break off.
  • Too-tight hairstyles pull at your hair cuticles, potentially weakening the hair.
  • Overdoing shampooing, conditioning, or other treatments, may weaken the hair. This is especially true if these hair products contain harmful ingredients that contribute to chemical damage.
  • Friction from rubbing hair with a bath towel to dry can lead to breakage.
  • Poor diet can compromise how hair grows from within.2

As you can see, hair breakage is often the result of your hair styling and care choices — and your lifestyle. This is good news, since it means that your hair breakage solution is a matter of tweaking how you care for your mane. By making a few changes, you can help support your hair’s health.

Update Your Hair Care Routine

Revisit how often you wash and condition your hair. If your locks are prone to dryness, consider limiting your washes to once weekly. Consider also your choice of product – those with harsh chemicals can make hair dry and brittle, too. Be extra careful when handling wet hair, as this is its most vulnerable state. Towel-dry gently with a microfiber towel instead of the usual cotton – it’s worth investing in a special hair towel, or you could use an old, soft t-shirt.

Try to avoid brushing when wet. Use a wide-toothed comb for detangling, and ditch your plastic bristle brushes for ones that use natural bristles – these are gentler on the hair. They also provide a good scalp massage for stimulating blood flow and supporting healthy hair growth.3

how to fix hair breakage on top of head | Kintsugi

Space Out Hair Styling And Treatments

As chemical processes are proven to wreck hair from root to tip, make sure you give hair ample time to recover between sessions. Try to space out hair coloring, perming, or relaxing every 8-10 weeks, so as not to overly damage hair.4 You can always try natural or less-intensive means to extend the vibrancy of your hair color or perm, such as hair masks, volumizing sprays, or conditioners.

As for heat styling, make sure you apply a heat protectant serum or spray to shield locks from intense damage. If you rely on hair straighteners or curling irons more than usual, consider switching to ceramic versions of your heat styling tools – these are known to distribute heat more evenly and can potentially be kinder on your hair in the long run.5

Switch Up Your Hairstyles

If you often pull hair back into a tight ponytail or bun, you could be stressing out your hair strands and setting yourself up for hair breakage. Play around with different looks and hair accessories to help reduce the impact of tight hairstyles. Try wearing hair long and loose, and use classy barrettes and headbands to keep your hair off of your face. Play around with a different hair parting, and with heatless curls and waves for a casual look, or try loose braids instead of tighter box braids or pleats.6

Change Your Pillowcase

how to fix hair breakage on top of head | Kintsugi

Cotton fabric could cause friction against your hair strands as you sleep. This could weaken the hair and cause breakage, similar to when you rub your hair roughly with a regular bath towel. Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase, or try wrapping your hair in a silky headscarf before going to bed at night.7

Eat A Healthy Diet

A diet rich in protein can potentially help promote strong, healthy hair. Many vitamins and minerals also aid in healthy hair growth. The same way a poor diet could make hair dry, brittle, or lackluster, a well-balanced diet supports healthy tresses. The following foods might be especially beneficial to your hair:

Build Healthy Habits For Stronger Hair

Small changes in how you wash, dry, and style your hair can have a big impact on how healthy and strong it becomes. Try the tips outlined above, and you may be well on your way to resolving those pesky flyaways, minimizing bad hair days, and sporting luxurious locks in no time.



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