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Amazing Rubber Band Hairstyles And Ideas To Try

Have you been eyeing pictures of amazing rubber band hairstyles and wanting to try them out on your own hair? This is the tutorial for you. Rubber band pattern hairstyles are the perfect match of put-together and practical. They look more difficult than they are, and they stay looking good for a long time. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Style With Rubber Bands

What Type Of Rubber Bands Should You Use?

rubber band hairstyles | KintsugiRubber band hairstyles are created with small, thin, strong elastics that can hold hair without breaking. Black, quarter-sized rubber bands are great for elegant hairstyles where you want the rubberband to blend in. Colorful rubber bands are great when you want to add a playful, fun edge.1

Protect Your Hair Before You Put In Rubber Bands

Before you add braids, twists, or rubber bands to your hair, it’s a great idea to take a minute to protect it with styling products. Pick up a hydrating primer spray that can help seal your cuticle before you start styling. A conditioning spray can help protect hair from breakage and give you a smooth (read: not frizzy) finish.

Inspiration: Easy Hairstyles with Rubber Bands

Ready to try a rubber band hairstyle of your own? Here’s a breakdown of some of the best-known rubber band hairstyles with tips on how to pull them off yourself.

rubber band hairstyles | KintsugiCriss-Cross Rubber Band Hairstyle

The criss-cross rubber band pattern is one of the best-known rubber band hairstyles. It looks more complicated than it is, and it gives serious ‘90s vibes.

To get this look, you’ll create a grid of 6-8 sections of hair on the crown of your head. Secure each section with a band as close to your scalp as possible. Grab the first rubber band section, braid it tightly or leave it loose, and pull it back to add it to the section diagonally behind it. Repeat this with all sections. You can leave the sides of your hair down, braid them, or pull them back in a pony.2

Ballerina Bun With Rubber Bands

This style works best for gals with long hair or braids. It’s perfect for a date night or special occasion. To do it for yourself, divide your hair into a grid of sections all over. Secure hair with rubber bands close to your scalp. Try colorful bands to add some flair, white rubber bands for a bridal look, or light-colored bands for a summer look.

Pull the hair in the front sections diagonally back to combine them with another section. Then take all of your hair and pile it on top of your head in a dramatic ballerina bun.3

Short, Natural Curls With Rubber Bands

If you have short, natural, curly hair, this style is for you. This is a great style for ladies with 4a or 4c hair. To create this look, divide the front top section of your mane into boxes. Create two rows of boxes. Twist tightly, and combine the sections with rubber bands. Allow the ends and back section of your hair to be loose. For a sleek, finished look, spritz on a moisturizing conditioning spray.4

rubber band hairstyles | KintsugiHeadband Rubber Band Hairstyle For Long or Medium Hair

This style is exactly like the one described above, but for ladies with longer hair. This one will work with straight, curly, or kinky hair. Divide your hair into two rows of boxes or diamonds along the front of your head. Twist tightly, combine the sections from front to back, and secure with bands.

Allow the rest of your hair to fall naturally, and spritz on a high quality conditioning spray for a shiny finish.

Low, Classy Updo For Straight Hair

Rubber bands can be used to create a sleek, romantic style for straight haired people, too. To create this look, separate the front of your hair into six different sections and secure them loosely with bands. Pull these sections back and cross each strand to create a lattice pattern.

When you reach the base of your neck, pull the remaining hair into a single sleek bun, a low chignon, or two low buns.5

Side Part Ponytail With Rubber Bands

To create this style, part the hair in a deep side part and create a grid of sections on the side of your head. Secure each section tightly with a rubber band – try a fun color that matches your outfit. Pull the front sections back in a zigzag pattern to connect with the sections behind them. Once all of the hair is connected to the furthest back section, pull all of your hair together tightly and secure it together in a high ponytail.6

Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle With Braids

rubber band hairstyles | KintsugiIf you already have box braids, you can still get in on the rubber band trend. Select a few coordinating colors of rubber bands to wear in your mane like jewelry. Place the bands on the length of your braids at different intervals. You can also add in bright hair clips for more flair. To finish, leave your braids down or pull them up and back into a high bun or pony.7

Long Ponytail With Front Fishtail Braids

This style is more complicated for beginners – but totally doable if you have some hair styling skills. Create four tight french braids high on the crown of your head and secure them with colored rubber bands. If you’re using synthetic hair, weave in the extension before you braid. If your hair is thick, consider using thicker elastic bands to secure the top braids.

Pull all of your hair up sky hair and secure it with a fashionable rubber band. For added drama, take a metallic ribbon and wrap it down your hair, securing it near the end of your pony.8

Subtle, Side Rubber Band Style

For a sleek, modern style that works for parties or the office, try this look. Part your hair to the side and create a tight grid of boxes on the front side of your hair. Secure each section with a black band. Pick up the first section, split the hair in half, and bring one half to the box behind it and one to the box beside it. Repeat, creating a grid pattern on the side of the head.

To finish the look, bring out a straightener and wear the rest of the hair down in a sleek, straight fashion. Finish it off with a conditioning spray to prevent frizz.9

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle With Rubber Bands

rubber band hairstyles | Kintsugi

The modern half up, half down style can be done on curly, natural, or straight hair. Create a grid of rubber band segments on the top of your head. Now, pull that hair together in the center top of your head and secure it with an elastic. Leave your back hair down. With the top half of your hair, you can create a bun or a simple pony.10

Space Buns With Rubber Bands

There’s something about the combination of high double buns and colored bands that screams fun and funky. To create this look, create an even grid of boxes on the top of your head in 2-3 rows. Secure each section with a colorful band. Connect each section of hair to the sections beside and behind them and add that hair to those sections.

Now, gather all of your hair and divide it into two high ponytails on the sides of your head. Secure these two pigtails with rubber bands. Take one ponytail and wrap it around itself, forming a bun. Secure it with a hair elastic and bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.11

How To Take Elastics Out Of Your Hair

rubber band hairstyles | KintsugiWhen you’re ready to change up your hairstyle, how do you remove rubber bands? The answer is the same for all hair textures – cut them out, carefully. While straight haired ladies may have some luck rolling them off, curly and coarse-haired gals may not even want to try. Rubber bands are notorious for tugging, breaking, and tangling hair, especially if there is some texture they can hold on to.

To cut out rubber bands, carefully lift the outermost loop with a fingernail, and snip it. Once the rubber band is broken, you can gently unwind it and remove it from your hair. Slow and steady is key here. Take your time, and snip them one by one. Better yet, invite a friend over and ask for help while you relax and catch up.12

Have Fun With It

Rubber band pattern hairstyles are versatile in that they play well with smooth, natural, and braided hair – and everything in between. Once you get the hang of creating even rows of boxes, you can mix up your patterns by zig zagging, criss-crossing, or moving them straight back. Add some color for flair, or stick with rubber bands that match your hair for a sophisticated look. The options are endless.

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