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Styling Tips On How To Wear A Headband

Are you wondering how to wear a headband after seeing yet another stylish celebrity headband moment pop up in your feed? This hair accessory is having a moment right now – and it’s useful for more than just disguising a bad hair day. Today’s headbands can help elevate an outfit, add interest, and give you a certain je ne sais quoi.

Read through this headband tutorial to acquaint yourself with the options and learn how to style them all.

When Did Headbands Become Fashionable?

headband | KintsugiHeadbands are a classic hair accessory. They’ve been around in some form for more than 2,000 years. In ancient Greece and Rome, ceremonial floral head wreaths were worn on special occasions. Embellished headband pieces were also popular. From there, statement headbands and simple headbands grew in popularity.1

In more current times, the headband trend has continued. From the cotton stretch headband of the ‘60s, to the oversized-bow headband of the ‘80s, and the zig-zag comb-toothed headband of the 2000s, traditional headbands have changed with the times.

Today’s headband options are decidedly more grown up than headbands of the past. People of all ages can partake (yes, even if you don’t think you’re a “headband person”).

Types Of Headbands

So, what are the chicest headband styles? These days, there are so many on-trend styles to choose from. Here’s a rundown of several different headband styles.

The Padded Headband

In recent years, this schoolyard-staple has evolved from childish to fashion-forward. A padded, black velvet headband, for example, can draw the eye up to the crown of your head and take you from the office to a formal event. To style it, place it on your hairline and use it to push your hair back.2

The Sporty Headband

A sporty, cotton fabric headband is no longer for the gym only. This is a cute headband choice for a casual day of running errands, zoom calls, or a weekend backyard bbq. And okay, yes, it still slays as a put-together athletic look, too. This style looks cute with your hair pulled back or left down.3

turban headband | KintsugiThe Turban Headband

Images of turban headbands can be found all over Pinterest. They are beloved for a good reason – this one tiny accessory can really change the whole vibe of your outfit. Turban headbands are typically worn across your forehead and over your hair. You can get this look with a pre-knotted fabric headband or a scarf that you tie yourself.4

The Embellished Headband

Throwing on an embellished headband (like a beaded headband or bejeweled headband) is an easy way to elevate a simple outfit. Pair your fancy headband with a pair of earrings and a little black dress, and you’ve got a perfect date look. Style an embellished headband with a low ponytail or soft, romantic curls left down.5

The Bow Headband

While a bow may make you think of a child’s picture day hair style, this type of headband can be worn by adults. The trick to making a bow look less juvenile is to balance it out with a more mature color (like black), material (like silk), or pattern (like a leopard print). Keep the rest of your outfit simple and not too cutesy.6

The Thin Ribbon Headband

While a wide headband or bold headband might overwhelm a short hairstyle, a thin ribbon headband may be just right. Style and part your hair like normal, and gently tie the delicate headband a few inches behind your hairline. Wear the tied ends under your hair in back for a modern look or in a bow on top of your head for a romantic look.7

The Comb-Tooth Headband

Style experts are declaring that this type of headband that was popular in the 2000s is back, baby. To style it, use products to make your hair look slicked back. For curly hair, define your curls with products. Keep the rest of your outfit modern and minimal so you don’t accidentally look like you’re stuck in the wrong decade.8,9

warm headband | KintsugiThe Winter Headband

A knit winter headband can serve as a fashionable alternative to earmuffs or a warm hat. It can also add a bit of color to your look if your regular winter ensemble tends to be all-black. Style a knit headband with your hair brushed back and kept down for more warmth.10

The Braided Headband

A braided headband can add a fun amount of texture and interest to an otherwise simple outfit. For a bohemian vibe, choose one made of natural materials, like linen or rope. For a more luxe look, go for a braided velvet headband.

The Knot Headband

Sophisticated, knotted headbands are equally at home with an office-look or a special occasion-look. If you’d like it to lean toward fancy, pick a sleek material, and wear it back on your head to expose a middle part.11

The Soft Scarf Headband

A soft scarf headband can give any outfit a cool, carefree lift. Choose a black scarf for a sleek look or a printed scarf for a more bohemian vibe. Depending on your hair type, you may choose to wear your hair down or pull it back into a bun to put the scarf front and center.12

How To Style A Headband Like A Pro

Need more guidance on how to wear a headband? Follow this simple headband tutorial.

headband | Kintsugi

1. Decide On The “Look” You Are Going For

When you’re styling your hair to wear with a headband, first, nail down the vibe you’re going for. Are you hoping to give off a bohemian, formal, professional, edgy, casual, or beachy vibe? Something else? Remember, a headband is an accessory that will accentuate the way you’ve styled your hair and outfit.

Plan to establish a bohemian look with wavy beach hair. Pull your hair into a sleek updo for a professional look. If you have kinky, textured hair, keep your hair in a natural afro for a relaxed look.

2. Consider Your Headband Options

Once you’ve decided on your look, seek out a favorite headband to accompany it. Pull out a scarf bohemian-inspired headband to go with a boho look. Grab a bedazzled pearl headband for a formal look. Try out a turban-style headband for a relaxed look.

3. Prepare Your Hair With Styling Products

Preparing your hair with a few choice products can help set the foundation for a long-wearing, chic headband look.

headband styling | KintsugiGently Cleanse Your Hair

While headbands can be useful for extending the days between hair washing sessions, they look particularly chic on freshly-cleansed hair. Try a cleansing conditioner that leaves strands of hair looking lustrous and silky. After you’ve washed your hair, dry it completely or allow it to dry overnight.

Boost Limp Roots

A headband hairstyle can become flat and limp without proper styling products. If you tend to have flat hair, try a scalp tonic or styling cream that can give your roots a boost. Spritz it on your roots before you put on the headband to help keep volume around your face.

4. Style Your Hair

Style your hair as usual, paying close attention to the volume in your roots. For a casual hair look, you can work with air dried hair. If you plan to pull your hair into a bun, scoop back the hair (including your baby hairs) and attach it with a hair elastic.

5. Incorporate The Headband

Now it’s time to add in the crown jewel of your outfit. Decide if you’ll allow your part to show and how far back you’d like to place the headband.

headband | KintsugiHeadband That Shows A Part

If you plan to let your part show, hover the headband over the area you’d like to place it and gently slide it into place.

Headband That Doesn’t Show A Part

For a no-part look, place the headband on your hairline and slowly slide it back toward the crown of your head.

6. Add Bobby Pins

If you’re wearing a turban-style headband that goes over your hair, you may need to add in some bobby pins.

7. Finish It Off With Some Gloss

After you’ve placed the headband where you want it, spritz on a conditioning spray to give your hair some shine and finish. Voila!

Headbands: They Aren’t Just For Kids

Headbands are a fun, modern accessory that can really help update your style. Whether you think you’re a “headband person” or not, it may be fun to try one on for size.

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