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Amazing Haircuts And Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Looking for hairstyles for thin hair? Whether you have naturally fine hair strands or are adjusting to thinning hair from age or lifestyle factors, there are still plenty of gorgeous and flattering ways to wear your hair. Read on for fresh ideas on cuts and styles for someone with a thinner hair type, hair care tips for finer hair, and all the potential benefits to having thin hair — so you can confidently rock your locks.

What Is Thin Hair?

Thin hair is often characterized by a fine hair texture. Hair strands may be thinner than your average sewing thread. Thin hair is also more delicate than thicker hair types, with less volume. It generally doesn’t hold up to curling and styling as well or long as other hair textures (but this doesn’t mean it can’t – there are ways around it, as you’ll see).1

You could be born with thin or fine hair as your natural hair texture, or you may develop it later in life. Learn more about how your hair can suddenly become thin – and how you can and should adjust your hair styling and maintenance.

hairstyles for thin hair | KintsugiWhat Causes Thinning Hair?

The following factors can contribute to thinning hair. If you feel your thinning hair may be in response to a medical condition, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it.

  • Aging: As you get older, hair fibers thin out and never really recover their vitality and fullness. Hair loss is also a common companion to the aging process.
  • Hormonal changes: You may experience thinner hair as you go through major hormonal shifts, such as post-pregnancy and menopause.
  • Overstyling: Too much heat damage, overprocessing (perms and color treatments), and wearing a too-tight ponytail or bun over a long period of time may contribute to hair thinning out.2,3

Having thinner hair doesn’t always have to mean lifeless and flat hair. In fact, you may be able to pull off some trendier cuts and color jobs as seen on popular celebrities. Those with finer hair also don’t have to worry too much about taking too long to dry their wet hair or dealing with hair frizz from humidity (as those with thicker hair often do) – in fact, you may welcome the extra volume boost.4

How To Cut And Color Your Hair To Create More Volume

hairstyles for thin hair | Kintsugi

It’s always best to consult with a professional hairstylist when considering a flattering haircut and style for your thin hair. Generally, those with a finer hair texture should aim for the illusion of volume and fullness. Some options to explore with your stylist: layering (either light layers or choppy layers), color at the root or highlights for some visual lift, and the help of mousse, texturizing products, or volumizing spray to add even more oomph.

You can even consider shorter hair with either face-framing layers or beachy waves. If you’ve always wanted a bob haircut, your type of hair is certainly suited to it, too.5,6

Great Hairstyles With Thin Hair

hairstyles for thin hair | KintsugiThese gorgeous styles are a good place to start when exploring how to style and wear thin hair. Some may entail a trip to the salon, while others may just ask you to rethink how you use your blow dryer.

Short, Textured Shag

This hairstyle may give off a retro vibe, but it’s also an iconic, modern look. Subtle layers frame the face and add movement, while the addition of wispy bangs frames the face beautifully. A shag can be worn by women with straight hair or curly hair, and can be roughed up for an edgier “messy” look with products just as easily as it can be blown out into smooth and subtle waves.7

Stacked Bob

Ask your stylist for stacked layers in the back of the head for more fullness. Keeping the cut asymmetrical and longer in the front is a cool way to frame the face and add more volume, too. Consider a lighter color with darker roots for more texture and to emphasize the layers.8

Straight Cut Lob

hairstyles for thin hair | KintsugiThin hair looks great worn down mid-length to the collarbone. Consider a straight, one-length cut to accentuate your fine, straight hair. You can always style with mousse or volumizing spray pre-blow out to add a little more lift.9

Caramel Balayage

Combining light brown and caramel tones balayage-style creates a seamlessly textured and nuanced style perfect for thin hair hoping for more oomph. The blending of the two tones makes hair seem thicker than it actually is, and adding in some loose waves really makes the hairstyle pop. This look is definitely one for the chic girls who want to look effortlessly cool.10

Wear Your Thin Hair Well

hairstyles for thin hair | KintsugiYour thinner hair texture allows you to wear effortless, wash-and-wear styles. Work with your hairstylist to find the length and layering style that works best for you, and invest in a couple of high-quality volumizing products to look your best. There are many ways to add texture and lift to your hair type, so feel free to get creative with your stylist. You can even switch it up on the daily – rock razored-looking, choppy ends one day, then glow in soft and gently flowing layers the next.

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